What Is The Difference Between Rolex Ghost King And Water Ghost?

Don’t be late for things. Please go to the topic. There are so many brothers in Daishui Gui. Once the labor is permanent, many people go to buy the water ghost. The water ghost is a good watch. Will the water ghost have any trouble? During this period, a brother said to me. Get the spirit out of the table and say that you want to become a ghost king (DEEPSEA 116660). He doesn’t mean it, and I know the reason. Too many ghosts always hit the clock. After listening to the results, it turned out to be the case. Many people are wearing Daishui Gui, but few people are wearing Dai Gui, and my brother is powerful and can ultimately maintain the huge ghost king, and can exchange it when he sees the right things.

Water ghosts are good, but the biggest problem is too much.

A few weeks ago, I went out and met a person in the elevator. Wow, it was the same as my aesthetic. LV presbyopia and Rolex. He is wearing a ghost king. The massive case and the round helium valve on the side of the case are apparent and have a high degree of recognition. Black ghosts and green ghosts are “overflowing,” and ghost kings are naturally rare species.

The dive watch has discussed so far. Does anyone say the end time of the dive watch is 50 minutes? Some people raised objections, thinking that the King of ghosts was the boss’s sale in 1953, and they destined to become “opponents.” I have skinny arms and can’t control the ghost king, but the ghost king is still my favorite watch. Many people think that the ghost king is a big water ghost, but not.

Pop 50? Rolex Submariner was also born in 1953, destined to become an opponent.

Rolex proposed Ghost King because Rolex will continue to be the boss.

As we all know, the ghost king is Rolex deep sea. Number 116660 is the top diving watch published by Rolex in 2008. In the environment at the time, some details were impressive. Before Ghost King, Rolex’s most potent professional diving watch was a seed type. The seed type reached a water resistance of 1,220 meters in the 1980s and was invincible.

However, with the passing of a year, including the Breitling, Girard Perregaux, the diving depth of the diving watch exceeds the sea, the Breitling diving watch has been able to achieve 3000 meters waterproof. Even more challenging is that in 2005 CX Swiss Military (Swiss Army Bell) published a diving watch with a water resistance of 3657 meters, riding a headrest.

The dive watch is a traditional advantage field of Rolex; Rolex can not disturb others. Therefore, Rolex directly played the ghost king DEEPSEA, waterproof 3900 meters, and returned to the boss’s status. (Since then, Zhong has been refreshing records, that will be the future).

The dive watch published by CX Swiss Military has a recorded diving depth, and it can see that the watch not worn at all.

It said that Ghost King is a work of art, and I very much agree.

I saw foreign players commenting on Ghost King many years ago, saying that DEEPSEA is utterly art. I’m bored. How did the ghost king become an “artwork”? lorex deep-sea shows that it adequately balances the extreme, waterproof depth and wearability, so that the watch can be worn generally in daily life. Later I learned a lot and found this old saying right.

Ghost King is full of super performance and daily clothing. It is a work of art.

At that time, the dive watch recorded by the Swiss military clock CX Swiss Military had a diameter of 53.9 mm and a thickness of 23.3 mm. This site is not the size of an ordinary watch and not usually worn by ordinary people. It is indeed a bull with F1 racing, but no one makes sense on the road. Rolex Ghost King has a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 17.6 mm.

The size of the Ghost King is entirely standard. The size of the Ghost King is about 44 millimeters, and the width of the Panerai 005 is about 17 millimeters, which is not significant. I can wear a monster. Lorex has also conducted research. If the ghost king designed with the previous technology and clock structure, and now the water depth of 3900 meters, the thickness of the watch case will reach 20 mm.

This thickness is no different from the Swiss army clock’s 23.3 mm. A 20 mm thick watch can hardly worn, and it makes no sense to make a watch. It said that Rolex does not make complicated watches. The complexity of Rolex does not appear in those Tous compromises and perpetual calendars, but another place, such as the ghost king.

There are two versions of the Rolex DEEPSEA 116660 ghost king, the black disk standard version, and the gradient blue particular version.

The water ghost is big and ghosts King?

Waterproof 3900 meters, size-controlled at 44 mm, suitable for installation. To meet this requirement, the ghost king must not be the same as the water ghost. The main body of the ghost king’s case (middleware) is the same as the water ghost. The main body of the ghost king is thicker than the water ghost. It is not enough to thicken the watch. Ghost King uses the RING LOCK SYSTEM technology, which is the only Rolex diving watch, and the word also written on the outside of the Ghost King’s dial. This RING LOCK SYSTEM is a compelling technology. The ghost king is King and depends on it.

RING LOCK SYSTEM, the core system of Rolex Ghost King.

RING LOCK SYSTEM has three parts

First, the bidur108 alloy called bidur108 alloy (no bidur108Ni austenitic forged stainless steel) located inside the ghost king’s shell, and its tensile resistance is three times that of 904 steel and resists water pressure.

The second is the TA6V titanium alloy bottom cover. The bottom cover of the ghost king is titanium, and there were places to lose weight before, but it is not. Ghost King’s TA6V titanium alloy bottom cover is used to absorb pressure. Because this bottom cover is very soft, it will deform or bend itself when it is under pressure to absorb the pressure. Because the bottom cover of this titanium alloy also fixed with a bottom cover made of steel, Ghost King is a bottom cover made of titanium, not wholly.

The third is a sapphire mirror with a thickness of 5.5 mm. You know that the ultra-thin watches are so thick, the ghost king’s watch glass is as thick as the formal watch.

From top to bottom, they are the water ghost, the sea angel, and the ghost king. The ghost king is bigger than the water ghost.

RING LOCK SYSTEM reduces the thickness of Ghost King (this system can reduce the thickness of 10%) We know that Ghost King waterproof is 3900 meters Ghost King can withstand a water depth of 4900 meters. What is the concept of a submarine 3900 meters, the water pressure of 3900 meters is equivalent to pushing 3 tons of heavy objects above the ghost king? I also said that a brother always said that the Rolex 904 steel feels no different from the ordinary 316 steel. Rolex 904 steel has two characteristics: strong corrosion (seawater corrosion), and the other is brighter after polishing.

The ghost king with the highest public price is cheaper than the water ghost and sea angel.

The price of the watch is excellent, the public price is a reference, and often has no practical significance. So buying and selling watches is a happy thing, especially Rolex. According to the Rolex water ghost family’s strength, the function is “from weak to strong,” and the public price arranged from low to high. Water ghosts, sea messengers, DEEPSEA (ghost king), one is stronger than one. One is higher than one. However, once it becomes the actual market (most domestic counters are mostly out of stock), the situation will change.

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