Is Rolex Blue Water Ghost expensive?

First, Let’s take a look at the gold black water ghost between Rolex, the black text board, and the simple design. Showcasing the wisdom and training of successful men, the use of 18k yellow gold triangle pattern and textured 18k yellow gold stainless steel band injects respect and elegance into the watch, and also emphasizes the refined quality pursuit of men! The design of the Golden Black Water Ghost can be said to be a classic among classics, and fans love it. The submarine decorated with precious metals, the entire watch looks very noble, and the face is naturally upstairs.

The outer ring of ceramic material equipped with 18K gold. The combination of the two colors of black gold is not only eye-catching, but the clock chain also uses 18K gold and stainless steel. I knew at a glance that it was Rolex!

The gold and black water ghost between Rolex inherits the classic elements of the Rolex Submariner watch, the traditional black text board, and the watch chain uses gold and stainless steel materials, which is very noble. The design of the fake Rolex watch is more than enough in the atmosphere, with noble domineering, worn on the front of the wrist, worn on the wrist, showing excellent momentum.

According to the 40mm watch diameter, sapphire crystal mirror, and 3 o’clock position calendar, the beautiful foam mirror of the Submariner series has an enlarged display function.

The design of the bottom cover inherits the traditional model of Rolex, which guarantees waterproofness.

The ceramic outer ring also surrounded by 18K gold material, and the crown position also made of 18K gold material.

The band made of stainless steel and washer material, and the watch buttons can fine-tune through the classic three-stage type.

The high price of Rolex Blue Water Ghost reflects its value. The blue gold is the wrist gold of the Rolex submariner series exhibited by Rolex in Basel in 2009.

Although these are not typical elements of lex watches, the most important thing is the bright blue dial in front of you. It is a triple-chain combination of luxury and texture in gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct gold). They are all made of 18K gold vacuum coating, which does not fade. At the same time, this is one of the embodiments of eternal labor gold.

The golden blue water ghost still uses the traditional oyster cover and the unidirectional clockwise rotating ceramic clockwise Cerachrom, equipped with Mercedes-Benz hands and traditional foam mirrors.

Equipped with Rolex’s home sports, the industry’s proud 3135 games not only make the watch more beautiful, more strong performance, nor the correct “once and forever”. The clock provides the central clock, minute and second hands, instant jump calendar, quick correction, second-hand rest function, to adjust the time accurately, and has a waterproof depth of 1000 feet.

The original state of the whole watch is burdensome. I like this natural use state without refurbishment. Don’t hide it. The traces are evident. I love the combination of the intense collision of gold and blue. I hope you like it!

The sturdiness of stainless steel and the nobleness of gold is the perfect combination of the two, which is very attractive. The most beautiful thing about the golden and blue water ghosts in this room is its coloration. The fan-shaped dial reflects various levels of blue. The unique flavor of golden blue, regardless of age or gender, anyone wears it, has a stylish sense of luxury.

When it comes to big gold watches, many people can’t help but think of “golden labor”. The abbreviation “Jin Lao” is better known. Whether it is a pure gold Rolex watch or a metal Rolex watch, they are always popular products!

Does my cousin feel this way? As we grow older, whether it is a black water ghost or a green water ghost, whether it is stainless steel or stainless steel watch, will it feel a bit bad to wear on your hand? That’s right. It almost became money.

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