Do Rolex And Omega Watch Which Grade Is Higher?

Rolex Watches

Rolex is a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer. The predecessor was Wilsdorf and Davis in the company. The German Hans Wilsdorf and the British Alfred Davis jointly operated in London in 1905. In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf registered the name of the Swiss Rashadfen to ROLEX. After a century of development, the head office in Geneva has 19 branches and 24 large service centers in major cities in the world, with an annual output of about 450,000 clocks, which has become a vast market One of the brand clocks.

Rolex is very popular with successful people in a serious, realistic, and unobtrusive style. American NBA star Shaq O’Neal once gave 24 Rolex to teammates, an elegant steel watch with a humble wrist from Dong Jianhua in Hong Kong. Britney Spears bought a Rolex watch for £ 65,000 for her husband. RMB is about 800,000 yuan.

Rolex’s medieval clock market is also quite popular in China. The accuracy and ultra-high durability of Rolex replica watches have attracted countless users. In surveillance, Rolex fans often express Rolex in one sentence.

In the era of mechanical clocks in the 20th century, Rolex has been a leader in the world watch industry. So far, ultra-superior technology and technology still maintain Rolex’s position in the watch industry. At present, Rolex has set up branches in more than 20 major cities in the world, with an annual output of about 1 million, and its sales rank first in the Swiss watch industry.

Omega Watches

The birth of the Swiss Confederation in 1848, Louis Brandt and Rashard Finn began to assemble watches. In 1880, Louis Brent’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar moved to a building with a sufficient workforce, abundant resources, and convenient transportation. After that, mechanized production adopted to standardize the parts and components, and a new division of labor system introduced to assemble the work. A precise and accurate form with excellent quality and reasonable price produced. The world-famous Omega 19 movement has become its unique symbol since its launch in 1894. The company has also been named “Omega”. Since then, Omega has been its advanced spreadsheet technology and has been a pioneer in the spreadsheet industry for 150 years.

For 150 years, Omega has occupied a pioneering position in the world watch industry and achieved proud achievements.

In the universe, the Speedmaster Professional Series is not only the only clock installed on the moon, but also assists in saving the astronaut 13 of the sun god, and won the “Snoopy Award” from the Space Bureau.

In 1900, the Paris World Expo. Under the Eiffel Tower, Omega’s design series won the highest honor of the international council for its outstanding performance. The famous Greek Temple (Greek Temple) pure gold carved clock is one of them.

In sports, Omega is the designated timing instrument for the Olympic Games (including extremely accurate swimming and competitive events), and the Auto Racing Championship (CART) held in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

In terms of science, technology, and design, Omega has countless correct records and excellent design, making the world’s first medium-sized flywheel watch.

And in the European and American world, only the best Rolex replica displayed in high-end windows in more than 130 countries. Many celebrities are proud of this, American supermodel Cindy Crawford, 007 Pierce Brosnan, car king Michael Schumacher, Swiss tennis princess Martina Zingis chose to wear Omega.

Netizens comment on Rolex or Omega.

Evaluation 1: From the perspective of brand recognition, mechanical performance, and durability, Rolex is better. The appearance is different. Usually, the price of a Rolex is slightly higher than that of Omega.

Rating 2: No need for a long story: one of the three self-produced sports factories in one of Rolex’s top ten watches, and one of the most valuable brands

Rating 3: I don’t think anyone thinks that the person who has Rolex is real, but there are too many lies. The hyperbolic cosine. It’s the omega butterfly constellation series. Easy to coordinate table.

Rating 4: The Rolex watch looks like an adult. My father wore a Rolex with golden glitter and domineering. I don’t think it suits your character. Young man, Omega is better. The mechanical watch is also very handsome and luxurious.

Rating 5: Omega’s previous 2,500 movements have condemned, and frequent thefts have occurred. The gap between the Omega brand and Lolix is ​​growing. The new 8,500 changes have automatic winding machines with coaxial escapements Core to ensure stable, continuous, and correct timing. Tempura, double body, two-way automatic locking, reducing locking time. The bridge plate and the swing unit decorated with Arabic Geneva bellows. The power storage can be up to 60 hours. Theoretically, it is a good exercise, but the release time is still short, and the reliability has not verified. The Rolex brand is extraordinary. There are 3,135 sports used for decades. There are even small problems with the grip, but there is no mention of reliability and durability. The famous saying is that Rolex is very “excellent in gymnastics.” I recommend Rolex. After all, “labor” always deviates.

Evaluation 6: Rolex is superior to Omega, and the above two tables have no grades and cannot compare. Omega watches are suitable for high-end white-collar workers, Locke is an entry-level luxury, ideal for business people.

Evaluation 7: Rolex and Omega are world-famous watches, which are very good. But in comparison, of course, it is Rolex. Rolex is a first-class watch, with a minimum of more than 20,000 yuan, and more expensive 100,000 yuan. Omega is a watch with a minimum price above 10,000 yuan and an expensive one above 50,000 yuan. Of course, Rolex with more than 20,000 yuan is different from Omega with more than 50,000 yuan.

Evaluation 8: Rolex: Stable quality, conservative style, unchanged for many years. A relatively professional and everyday watch brand. First-class, first-class, long-lasting. In contrast, Omega is very weak. Being merged by other companies, the design goals are not clear now. Personally hate his trademark now, it is too round. The price is tens of thousands of yuan, the design is luxurious, and the decoration style is intense. Not suitable for the Far East Asian style. On the contrary, labor is not about calmness and making money, but the professional temperament of the last big profit. Now, some new forms feel a bit conflicting.